The artist

Mackenzie McKenzie is a North Carolina based artist who specializes in all things beautiful. Inspired by nature and all that it offers, she has dedicated her career, as well as her life, to making art an experience that everyone can enjoy, in multiple different forms.

From jewelry designing, goldsmithing, and oil painting, Mckenzie gives her audience an experience of simple, yet delicate beauty. Gold, diamonds, and floral paintings are where her heart and passion lay.

McKenzie graduated from FAU with a BA in Fine Art, and since then has persued her passions every single day. Goldsmith, painter, blogger, photographer, and friend to many, her live, much like her art, is dedicated to the ideology that if you look for it, beauty can be find every single day, in everything we do.

"I want every woman to feel beautiful and special everyday, everywhere. We are worth it. I hope my pieces, as well as my paintings, translate the sheer joy of owning something delicate and intentional, that simply makes you smile. "

Mackenzie McKenzie