This beautiful organic style is our favorite to date. It features a hand carved wavy band with an offset pear shaped diamond, gently nestled into a prong setting.

Every ring is made to order and hand carved each time, so you may have slight variations in curvature in each ring. Truly, unique! 

- available in both yellow and white 14k gold -

Diamond options are listed down below

*for reference, the diamond in image is a .5 carat*

.5 carat (7mm x 4.2mm)

.75 carat (8mm x 5.2mm)

1 carat (9mm x 6mm)

1.25 carat (9.7mm x 6mm)

1.5 carat (10.6mm x 6.4mm)

1.75 carat (11mm x 6.6mm)

2 carat (11mm x 7mm)

*If you desire a larger diamond, please email us for more information. We have diamonds of every and all carats.*


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